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SDL plugin includes next libraries:

Included examples:

  • draw2 - draw random rectangles
  • drawchessboard - draw chess board
  • gles2example - GLES2 example (your device must support GLES2 to run this example!)
  • glesexample - GLES example
  • playmus - play ogg file (SDL_mixer library)
  • showfont - print string with ttf font (SDL_ttf library)
  • showimage - show image (SDL_image library)
  • testgesture - android multitouch test

Find examples on internal SD card CCTools/Examples/SDL directory. Use Makefile to build and run examples. Open Makefile, type button Build (play icon with gears), type run in parameters for Make utility and press Continure to build and run.

Quick build and run from source file is not supported yet for SDL applications.

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