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CCTools is native IDE for Android devices. It includes C/C++/Lua/GNU Makefile/Shell source code editor with syntax highlighting and complete android gcc toolchain for arm/mips/x86 devices.

Latest version:

CCTools (1.16) on Google Play:

CCTools SDL plugin (1.0) on Google Play:

Download current CCTools (1.15) from this site: CCTools-release.apk

Download current CCTools (1.16) without READ_LOGS permission from this site: CCTools-release-no-read-logs.apk

Download current CCTools SDL plugin (1.0) from this site: CCTools-SDLplugin-release.apk


If the compiler after update still the old, remove the CCTools/backup directory from SD card and restart the application.

Please, uninstall CCTools-free completely (and remove CCTools/backup directory from SD card) before installing CCTools.

Previous (obsolete) version:

CCTools-free on Google Play:

Source code:

Current sources:


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Bug fixes:

Fix for Acer Iconia Tab users with official firmware 4.0.3: install add-on acer-a200-ics403-libc-fix

Getting started

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