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CCTools is native IDE for Android devices. It includes C/C++/Lua/GNU Makefile/Shell source code editor with syntax highlighting and complete android gcc toolchain for arm/mips/x86 devices.

Termux repository with cctools packages (gcc with fortran support etc)

Current version:

Pie repository enabled for Android 19+.

CCTools 1.22: CCTools-release-1.22.apk

CCTools SDL plugin 1.0: CCTools-SDLplugin-release.apk

Note: if you still get 'pie' error, remove CCTools/backup directory from SD card and reinstall application.

CCTools on GitHub GitHub CCTools

CCTools packages for Termux in termux branch.

Stable version

CCTools 1.22, CCTools SDL Plugin 1.0

Old version

Download CCTools 1.21: CCTools-release-1.21.apk

Download CCTools 1.20: CCTools-release-1.20.apk

Download CCTools 1.19: CCTools-release-1.19.apk

Download CCTools 1.17: CCTools-release-1.17.apk

Latest no-multitab versions

Download CCTools (1.16) from this site: CCTools-release-no-read-logs.apk

Download CCTools (1.15) with READ_LOGS permission from this site: CCTools-release.apk


If the compiler after update still the old, remove the CCTools/backup directory from SD card and restart the application.

Please, uninstall CCTools-free completely (and remove CCTools/backup directory from SD card) before installing CCTools.

Previous (obsolete) version:

CCTools-free on Google Play:

Source code:

Current sources:


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Bug fixes:

Fix for Acer Iconia Tab users with official firmware 4.0.3: install add-on acer-a200-ics403-libc-fix

Fix for some firmwares <= 2.3.3: install add-on android-pre-233-libc-fix_2.3.2


CCTools 1.22

  • Fixed wrong ndk-sysroot version for new androids (24+)


  • Busybox updated for new androids.


CCTools 1.21

  • Fixed for arm64 devices.

CCTools 1.20:

  • Support for Android 24


  • gcc updated to 4.9.
  • Added SDK 24.

CCTools 1.18:

  • Editable repos list.
  • The File Dialog allows the Copy/Cut/Delete operations (long touch).
  • Added support for external cctools modules.


  • Toolchain updated to NDK r9d.
  • Added tools for Android and console Java projects (via modules).
  • Added cppcheck module.
  • Added module for create local repository.
  • Added console package manager - pkgman.

CCTools 1.17:

  • MinGW W64 i686 crosscompiler added to addons repo.

Getting started

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