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aproject is a command line uliity for create, build and install Android java projects.

 create project [options]     - Creates a new Android project.
 create lib-project [options] - Creates a new Android library project.
 build [debug][-i|--install]  - Build a project.
 build release[-i|--install]  - Build a release project.
 clean                        - Clean a project files.
 Options for create:
 -n --name                    - Project name. [required]
 -t --target                  - Target ID of the new project.
 -p --path                    - The new project's directory. [required]
 -k --package                 - Android package name. [required]
 -a --activity                - Name of the default Activity that is created.
                                [required for application project]
 -N --appname                 - Application name. [application project only]

Create a new Android project from template

 aproject create project -N "My Android App" -n myandroidapp -k my.android.app -a MyAndroidAppActivity -p /sdcard/

Build an Android project

 cd /sdcard/myandroidapp
 aproject build

Build and install

 cd /sdcard/myandroidapp
 aproject build -i

Note: installation works only from the project directory on sd card.

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